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We are a UK Brass Musical Instrument manufacturer based in Kimpton Hall Farm, Hertfordshire, England.We manufacture in the UK a range of Brass Musical Instruments Including Cornets, Flugels, Tenor-Horns, Baritones, Euphoniums, Tubas, Basses and Trombones.  There are three ranges available across the spectrum of our Brass Musical instruments, the Royal range, Regal Range and the student / intermediate Viscount Range.

The New Bb Euphonium

The "Royal Range" usually consists of a compensating instrument and is silver-plated with gold fittings or lacquered finish ....So please contact our sales dept on 01438 832883 to arrange a visit from our sales reps and try our truly "World Class" Instruments for yourself.


       New LMI Signature Mouthpiece             LMI Gold Plated Cornet Mouthpiece                            New Tenor Horn Trigger Mechanism